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Catherine Toro

Originally from Venezuela, I have had a passion for animals my whole life and I feel very fortunate for the opportunity to work with them in my daily life. I grew up with many dogs my entire life. My mother loves dogs, and I was raised with all types of breeds at the same time. In Venezuela, a lot of dogs do not have homes, and so my family would rescue and care for them and give them all the love that we could. I love what I do, and I hope to continue my work for a very long time.


Roberto Leal

Originally from Venezuela, growing up I always wanted a dog as a pet, but I was never able to have one. But now I am a proud owner of a golden retriever who has changed my life and inspired me to become a dog care taker. Having a dog has made love and care for other dogs and want to be around them. I enjoy working with the dogs, training, grooming or walking them. I also have to thank Cesar Millan, because seeing how he works and cares for the dogs makes me want to do the same.


Jason Duff

Originally from Colombia, since I was young I have always been an animal lover, but especially a dog lover. I have always had good energy and a special bond to share with them and I never thought I would have the opportunity to work and spend my time with them on a daily basis. We as humans have a lot to learn from animals, they teach us what true love and loyalty is. My days are never boring thanks to all the happy paws that spend the days with me.


Oriana Aponte

Originally from Venezuela; I have lived in West Orange, NJ since I was 8 years old. My grandmother love to always have lots of dogs and so we did, I had the opportunity to grow up with many dogs and treasure many of my childhood memories with them. I have a passion and love for dogs and I enjoy working with them and coming from a country where a lot of dogs are seen without homes and that by my family rescuing them and seeing how happy they become makes me happy and makes me love what I do and working with dogs even more.



I am originally from Colombia. Since childhood, I have felt a strong bond with the animals; I enjoy observing, playing with, and helping them. Taking care of them makes me grow more as a person. I feel recharged by their special energy, and it makes me happy to be around them. For me, Happy dog paws are more than giving a good service; for me, it is creating a new bond with new dogs, enjoying their unique personalities, playing with them, and being happy with them.

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