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Welcome to Happy Dog Paws

Enjoy everyday, anytime, we offered fixed or flexible scheduling all based on your needs.

Founded in 2014, is a bonded and insured company consistently ranked as one the most reliable and most trusted pet care takers in the Essex County area. We love what we do and take pride in providing the best service we can to our client’s four legged loved ones. Happy Dog Paws LLC is a family owned business staffed by lifelong animal owners. We pride ourselves on punctuality, dependability and of course our love and adoration for animals. Our care takers at Happy Dog Paws are trained in basic dog handling skills for all breed types, current and previous dog owners. We would love for you to join the Happy Dog Paws family!.

Pet Grooming

We pamper your pets offering a spa type groom, appointment only we offer excellent dog specializing in first-time grooming for puppies and straight through grooming for senior dogs always maintaining yours anxiety and stress level as our first priority.

Pet Boarding

Home away from home, your dog is bound to have as much fun on their vacation as you do on yours! We offer an open-play environment focused on providing individual attention and care.

Doggy Day Care

Our daycare gives your pet a fun-filled experience with plenty of time to play with all their friends.

Dog Walks

Tailored to Your Pup's Needs.
We provide individual walks and we will spend our visits with your dog exactly how you want.

Our Services

Transportation Services

We happily offer to take your Pup/Dog/Cat to Vets, Grooming appointments, Training Classes, Daycare or any other destination and return them home afterwards.

Administer Medications

We are experienced in working with sick and elderly pets and we do so with the utmost care and compassion.

Individual Walks

We take care of everything- walking, running, playing, cleaning up, fresh bowl of water, feeding and even belly rubbing at no extra charge.

Meet Veterinary

Dr. Roberto Leal
Dr. Catherine Toro
Dr. Oriana Aponte

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