Operating since 2014, at Happy Dog Paws we provide dog walking, pet sitting, dog boarding and puppy care services.

Our professional dog handlers walk, train, and run with clients throughout New Jersey: Montclair, Verona, West Orange, South Orange, Millburn, Springfield, Summit, Cedar Grove, Cadwell and Little Falls.  

Since november 2017, we have expanded our services to Florida (Orlando): Metro West, Windermere & Bay Hill (we invite you to contact us if you would like to get information about other areas around)

We offer the following services

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Dog walking

Daily routine is important for your dog or puppy’s emotional and physical well-being. With the expert help of our dog walkers, you can go to work or out of town knowing your pet’s schedule will remain consistent.

Individual walks

We only provide individual walks, unless for siblings or dogs with a similar bond. This allows us to focus exclusively on your dog to ensure he/she gets the best walk possible.

Besides one-on-one exercise, our experienced staff provides fresh air, food, fresh water and loving attention for your dog, tailored specifically to your pet’s needs. From an untrained pulling puppy to an older arthritic dog, we will match your dog’s needs.

Happy Dog Paws Services. New Jersey

How to best utilize our dog walking service

We offer the service from Monday to Sunday between 8:00 am & 6:00 pm; although most of our clients engage us to walk their dogs Monday through Friday, when they’re at work. 

Visits are typically 45 minutes long and conducted between the hours of 8am & 6pm. Longer duration visits are offered upon request.

Call (973) 405-0515 to get your dog walking


Private walks/runs combined with training to enhance obedience, attentional states, relaxation, socialization, and target other behaviors.

Includes activities such as Frisbee catching, obedience, relaxation, reward postponement exercises and builds on behaviors your dog is naturally interested in.

Dog overnights

Tips to get our dogs ready for winter

Because at Happy Dog Paws we acknowledge that dogs respond best to stable routines within familiar environments, our overnights include:

  • Four 1/2 hour walks
  • Your sitter arrives and departs according to your request
  • We are with your pets 16-18 hours per 24 hours
  • We sleep in your home

Our “in-home” approach allows us to design a pet sitting package that parallels the routine you have with your pet, which will reduce anxiety.  It also eliminates the threat of contracting a contagious illness if you were to board your pet elsewhere.

Combine our Pet Sitting and Grooming services and your pet will enjoy an afternoon of pampering while you are away.

How to best utilize our pet sitting service

We usually visit the dogs in our care 3 times a day; an extra visit is often added when caring for a younger and/or high energy dog. The frequency and arrival times of the visits depend on your routine.  

Having the ability to select the visit frequency, arrival times, and duration enables you to create a tailor-made sitting schedule for your pet(s). The closer the pet care schedule is to your daily routine, the less anxious your dog will be.

Call (973) 405-0515 to schedule your appointment.

Puppy care service

tips to take care of your puppies

This service was introduced to help new puppy parents address the extra-care requirements needed by their puppies.

A hybrid of our Dog Walking and Pet Sitting services, our Puppy Care service consists of multiple daily visits (usually two), Monday through Friday, each week to help ensure that your pup is safe and sound while you’re at work. 

Why choose the Happy Dog Paws’ puppy care service?

Having the ability to design a Puppy Care package that parallels the daily routine that you are establishing with your puppy will promote consistency, help with house-breaking, and reduce separation anxiety. 

Keeping your puppy in the safety and comfort of home, rather than elsewhere, is by far the best option.  

How to best utilize our puppy care service

Unlike adolescent or adult dogs that typically require a single visit each day while their owners are at work, a puppy will often need at least two, especially if crated.

We generally provide our Puppy Care Service Monday through Friday during the hours of 9:00 am and  11:00 am, and then again between the hours of 1:00 pm and  3:00 pm.  

During our visits we will:

  • Walk with your puppy (we will even leash train your pup, at no charge)
  • Feed her/him, when scheduled
  • Administer medication, if necessary
  • Clean and dispose of any accidents

Call (973) 405-0515 to schedule your appointment

Other services:

Happy Dog Paws Services. New Jersey

Some dogs need a little extra attention. For these special pets, we offer:

  • Snuggle Time: a team member will snuggle, kiss, cuddle, give belly rubs and do anything else your pet would like for 30 or 60 minutes.
  • Personal Play Time: for 30 or 60 minutes we will throw a ball or Frisbee, play hide and seek, games, and other activities with your dog.
  • Doggie Care Management: we will take your dog to the vet, maintain her medical records, administer medication (pills, shots, ointments, etc.) and other activities related to her health care.  


New Jersey:

  • Montclair 
  • Verona 
  • West Orange 
  • South Orange 
  • Milburn, Springfield and Summit 
  • Cedar Grove 
  • Little Falls 
  • Cadwell, North Cadwell and West Cadwell 


  • Metro West (Orlando, Florida)
  • Windermere (Florida)
  • Bay Hill (Florida)

If you need our services outside these places, please let us know.

Phone number:

(973) 405 05 15



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