How to calm a jumpy dog

HAPPY DOG PAWS. How to calm a jumpy dog

Whether dogs are jumping up on people to greet them or jumping up on the furniture, our canine companions sometimes have trouble keeping all four feet on the floor.

Although jumping up is a natural behavior for dogs, it can cause problems for humans because they could cause serious damage by knocking that person to the ground. Even small dogs can hurt someone by jumping up.

They have to be taught that this behavior is unacceptable. However, it is helpful to understand why they are doing it. Continue reading


Introducing a new dog to your dog

Celebrating 4th of July

If you have a dog and a new one will be entering or visiting your home, there are things you can do to ensure that the meeting goes off without a hitch.

There are several ways to help your dog accept new pets; however, it could take several days and even months:   

To integrate two animals successfully, you need to start slowly. First, plan to have the dogs meet on neutral ground. Choose a place where neither dog is likely to feel territorial. Continue reading

8 tips for happy holidays with your dog


Although for a lot of people Christmas holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, these days are also the busiest. However, while preparing for feasts, fun, and family visits, we shouldn’t forget our pets. Because they need us to stay happy and healthy during the festivities, we would like to share with you some holiday pet tips to keep our furry friends jolly.

Create a quiet space

The stress of holidays may cause our dogs to be a little stressed, shy, or unenthusiastic. Find or create a quiet place in your home where you pet can relax with blankets, fresh water, and toys, away from the festivities. It may also help to walk them before having people over so they will be more relaxed.

Limit the special treats

If you decide to lightly indulge your dog or cat, stick to tiny pieces of lean, well-cooked, unseasoned meat or vegetables. Avoid cooked bones, fat trimmings, rich gravy, dessert leftovers and chocolate, as well as anything that contains onions or raisins. Continue reading

10 things we can do to protect our dog in the summer

10 things we can do to protect our dog in the summer

The summer months can be uncomfortable – even dangerous – for pets and people, but we can help you keep your pets cool this summer. You just have to follow these tips for helping your dog to stay healthy and comfortable when the heat is on.  

  • Take walks during the cooler hours of the day and adjust intensity and duration of exercise in accordance with the temperature.
  • Limit exercise on hot days and be especially careful with pets with white-colored ears, which are more susceptible to skin cancer, and short-nosed pets, which typically have difficulty breathing.

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5 tips to take care of your puppies

 tips to take care of your puppies

Puppies are some of the most adorable things on earth.  However, bringing a new puppy home can be a major lifestyle adjustment. In order to help you, we have written down some tips on growing your new friend…

1.- Establish a bathroom routine

Housetraining should become a high priority on most puppy owners. Your best allies will be patience, planning, and positive reinforcement.

It will be a good idea to put a carpet-cleaning battle plan in place, because accidents will happen.

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11 Christmas gifts for dogs and their owners


As many kids and adults, dogs enjoy tearing apart wrapping paper, so it sounds as a great idea to give your pet a Christmas gift that make happy both of you. Here are 11 gifts ideas for the next holiday season:

Futon dog bed. Try a micro-suede-and-fleece-lined bed, but also one machine washable.  

Paw secret agent leash: It has reflective fabric woven into the length of the leash for increased nighttime visibility and a quick-tether clip that lets you securely attach your four-legged travel companion to parking meters and parking signs.

Tuggo toys. An indestructible weighted ball toy that even the most destructive dog won’t be able to destroy. This toy has even been tested with lions and tigers.  

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Tips to get our dogs ready for winter


It’s starting to get cold outside and dogs are very sensitive to weather changes. Therefore, before temperature drop, we should take some steps to prepare our pets for winter season.  

Do not forget our dogs will need to keep warm and safe while they are outside. Many of them have got a fur coat, but when the temperature drops, it may not be enough to protect them against the snow and ice.

Here are some tips to get our dogs ready for winter:

We must not shave a dog during winter time (from December to March). If you take your pet to the groomer or groom it yourself, make sure it keeps enough fur to stay warm.

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Celebrating Halloween with your dog

Celebrating Halloween with your dog

Halloween can be particularly difficult for our dogs because of the new noises, doorbells ringing, crowded streets and people in costumes. Even though it can be a stressful time for animals, with a little planning we can make it a stress-free holiday for our four-legged family friends. Here are some tips that can be useful:

Candies are not for pets. Remember that human treats are not usually good for dogs. Chocolate can be dangerous for dogs and cats, as well as candies containing the artificial sweetener xylitol, so no chocolate or candies for your pet.

Keep pets away from the door. Since strangers will be dressed in costumes and yelling for their candy, our furry friends will probably be very scared. Besides, dogs are territorial and may become anxious and bark at trick-or-treaters.

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Things to do with your dog in autumn

Things To Do With Your Dog This Autumn

Autumn is here and also the common talk about what to do with our dogs during the colder months ahead.  Just because the temperature drops it does not mean we cannot amuse ourselves and our furry friends. We do not have to stay indoors because there are lots of things we can do with our pets.


It is a classic and also very healthy activity. We can try new locations, explore new neighborhoods, or even take our dog for a scenic hike. Your dog will love the new smells and you might find little gems that you never knew existed. We love going for a walk to Echo Lake Park (Mountainside, NJ) or South Mountain Reservation (Essex County, NJ)

Play dates

Interaction with other animals is very important to a dog’s psyche, and seeing a familiar pooch will make them happy and give them something outside their routine to enjoy.  

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Tips for taking your dog to the beach

Tips for taking your dog to the beach

Along summer many of us are excited to bring our dogs to the beach! Whether your favorite beach is around east or west coast or by a lake, read on these tips before taking your dog to the beach.

  • Be sure you choose a dog-friendly beach spot.
  • Teach your dog to swim.
  • Look for fresh water and shade.
  • Try to find a calm water area far from long waves, boats, boards, or jet skis that could scare your dog.

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