11 Christmas gifts for dogs and their owners


As many kids and adults, dogs enjoy tearing apart wrapping paper, so it sounds as a great idea to give your pet a Christmas gift that make happy both of you. Here are 11 gifts ideas for the next holiday season:

Futon dog bed. Try a micro-suede-and-fleece-lined bed, but also one machine washable.  

Paw secret agent leash: It has reflective fabric woven into the length of the leash for increased nighttime visibility and a quick-tether clip that lets you securely attach your four-legged travel companion to parking meters and parking signs.

Tuggo toys. An indestructible weighted ball toy that even the most destructive dog won’t be able to destroy. This toy has even been tested with lions and tigers.  

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Shopping with your dog etiquette 

Shopping with your dog

Shopping with your dog is becoming increasingly popular as it can be a fun experience for all involved. It’s not just a thing that happens in big metropolitan cities, like Manhattan, with small pups that fit a purse. You can even take your dog shopping with you in some New Jersey’s malls.

However, going shopping with your dog is a still a privilege, not a right. Therefore, we and our pets should follow some etiquette rules.

Only well-mannered dogs should be accompanying you out as a shopping companion. Consider your dog’s behavior, health and personality before taking them out to accompany you for even the shortest of shopping excursions.

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