Why fall can be irresistible for dogs, and their owners

Why fall can be irresistible for dogs

Autumn is the favorite season of a big deal of people and their pets. It’s still warm, but you can feel a difference in the air. You can step outside without being suffocated from the heat and humidity and leaves start changing and falling.

Having a dog in the fall can be awesome and this season can be irresistible for them. There are some reasons why:

More and longer walks: There’s nothing worse than walking your dog when it’s 99 degrees with 90% humidity. Once the cool air arrives, you probably can’t stand staying indoors!   Continue reading


Did you know it?: October is dog adoption month


“While any month is a great month to adopt a dog from your local animal shelter, the month of October holds a slight edge over all the others. Since 1981, the American Humane Association (americanhumane.org) has celebratedAdopt a Dog Monthin October, and as the organization has for 35 years, it encourages animal lovers to “save lives and enhance their own lives by adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue group.”

AHA established the event to draw attention to the wonderful variety of dogs available at animal shelters and through rescue organizations. As the organization’s website states, a local shelter “is the perfect place to find dogs of every type, size, age and personality—all waiting for a loving home.” Continue reading

Trick-or-Treat! with your dog

Celebrating Halloween with your dog

Some people ask us if Halloween is such fun for them and their children, why their dogs wouldn’t enjoy going trick-or-treating too.

If your dog is a social butterfly with a history of being unfazed by new and strange things, then going trick-or-treating should be a walk in the park. However, if your dog is shy, afraid of new people, children, and strange noises, they will not enjoy being out on this night. Actually, the nicest way for them to spend the evening will be at home in a quiet room. Continue reading

Celebrating Halloween with your dog

Celebrating Halloween with your dog

Halloween can be particularly difficult for our dogs because of the new noises, doorbells ringing, crowded streets and people in costumes. Even though it can be a stressful time for animals, with a little planning we can make it a stress-free holiday for our four-legged family friends. Here are some tips that can be useful:

Candies are not for pets. Remember that human treats are not usually good for dogs. Chocolate can be dangerous for dogs and cats, as well as candies containing the artificial sweetener xylitol, so no chocolate or candies for your pet.

Keep pets away from the door. Since strangers will be dressed in costumes and yelling for their candy, our furry friends will probably be very scared. Besides, dogs are territorial and may become anxious and bark at trick-or-treaters.

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Things to do with your dog in autumn

Things To Do With Your Dog This Autumn

Autumn is here and also the common talk about what to do with our dogs during the colder months ahead.  Just because the temperature drops it does not mean we cannot amuse ourselves and our furry friends. We do not have to stay indoors because there are lots of things we can do with our pets.


It is a classic and also very healthy activity. We can try new locations, explore new neighborhoods, or even take our dog for a scenic hike. Your dog will love the new smells and you might find little gems that you never knew existed. We love going for a walk to Echo Lake Park (Mountainside, NJ) or South Mountain Reservation (Essex County, NJ)

Play dates

Interaction with other animals is very important to a dog’s psyche, and seeing a familiar pooch will make them happy and give them something outside their routine to enjoy.  

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