Tips to get our dogs ready for winter

It’s starting to get cold outside and dogs are very sensitive to weather changes. Therefore, before temperature drop, we should take some steps to prepare our pets for winter season.

Do not forget our dogs will need to keep warm and safe while they are outside. Many of them have got a fur coat, but when the temperature drops, it may not be enough to protect them against the snow and ice.

When dogs are excited, they want to let you know it. It is a great way to express their joy or that they want to get as close to your face as possible to give you some licks. Also, when jumping up on the couch they are doing it to get close to you or to just find a more comfortable place to sleep.

Here are some tips to get our dogs ready for winter:
  • We must not shave a dog during winter time (from December to March). If you take your pet to the groomer or groom it yourself, make sure it keeps enough fur to stay warm.

  • Choose a dry shampoo to clean up your dog. More generally, getting our dog wet during winter is not advised. If we must shampoo our dog, we should turn on the heat in the bathroom, use warm water and dry our furry friend with towels and air blow dryer.

  • Dog coats and sweaters are not just a frivolous accessory since some dogs, as breeds with short coats and smaller breeds, need the extra protection from the biting cold. However, it also depends on how much fat and muscle your dog has. Make sure that it fits comfortably, does not affect visibility or mobility and is easy to put on and take off.

  • To help our dogs’ skin health, consider using a humidifier to add moisture into the air, which in turn helps keep skin hydrated. Regular brushings can also help as it gets rid of dead hair and stimulates our pet’s skin to produce more oils. You can boost your dog’s intake of essential fatty acids with Omega-3 and Omega-6 oil supplements.

  • The cold can be quite determined and will try to find ways into your home. We must take care of winter proof our home and keep our dogs away from drafty areas. We can also give them a warm blanket or pad if they like to lie on the tiled floors.

  • Walks must be adapted to the weather. Make them short if it’s too cold and windy outside. Dogs can get frostbite on their paws, tail, nose and ears. Don’t leave your pet outside for long periods of time and never leave them in the backyard alone during this time of year. Even in sunny winter days wind chill can make the temperature colder than it really is. When coming back home from a rainy walk, do not forget to use towels or hair blow dryer to dry your dog.