Ways to exercise your dog


Dogs left alone at home for long hours offer suffer from “cabin fever,” leading to stress and anxiety. Daily walks allow a dog to blow off steam that might otherwise be acted out by such negative behaviors.

Even if you have a backyard for your pet to play in, there is no substitute for a nice long walk or a romp at a park. Dogs are great explorers and whether you are walking around the neighborhood, on country road or a in a mall, your dog will benefit physically and mentally.

Whatever size your friend is regular exercise is essential. However, you do need to take your dog’s age and health into consideration. Always check with your vet if you’re not sure of the distance your pet can handle on a daily walk.  

Most dogs should go for walks at least twice a day along with other forms of exercise, especially if they are home alone a lot.

Taking your daily walk and following the same path isn’t such a bad idea as dogs like routine and continuity, but throwing in some new ways to work off pounds and energy and just enjoy each other will open up new opportunities to expand skills, become more confident and just have fun for you and your pet.


Follow the Dog. Instead of walking your dog, have your dog walk you. Wherever she goes, you go. You’ll be amazed where the nose will take the two of you.

Running with your dog is like multitasking – you and your four-legged athlete get to enjoy the great outdoors while increasing stamina and strengthen muscles.  

Game of fetch. It is easy to squeeze into busy schedules and a close-by park or backyard works great. On rainy days, fetch can be an indoor sport, played even from the comfort of your couch.

Exercise your dog’s brain. Find some fun behavior to teach your dog, like high fiving or bowing on command; or go for more advanced behaviors, such as emergency down or command by hand signals.

Nose work. An excellent exercise as your dog bounds from place to place looking for the prize. Nose work also develops your dog’s focus and confidence as well. As your dog gets better at locating objects the tasks get more challenging.

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