8 tips for happy holidays with your dog


Although for a lot of people Christmas holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, these days are also the busiest. However, while preparing for feasts, fun, and family visits, we shouldn’t forget our pets. Because they need us to stay happy and healthy during the festivities, we would like to share with you some holiday pet tips to keep our furry friends jolly.

Create a quiet space

The stress of holidays may cause our dogs to be a little stressed, shy, or unenthusiastic. Find or create a quiet place in your home where you pet can relax with blankets, fresh water, and toys, away from the festivities. It may also help to walk them before having people over so they will be more relaxed.

Limit the special treats

If you decide to lightly indulge your dog or cat, stick to tiny pieces of lean, well-cooked, unseasoned meat or vegetables. Avoid cooked bones, fat trimmings, rich gravy, dessert leftovers and chocolate, as well as anything that contains onions or raisins.

Be sure they always have water

Trying to stay warm takes up a lot of our dogs’  energy. Regularly check that fresh water is available to them.  

Share house rules

Make sure you know what your pets might be eating during large gatherings. Politely request that your guests don’t feed extra table scraps or treats to your pets, or that they ask your permission first.  

Secure holiday decorations

Bringing home trees, decorations and presents makes pets extra curious. Properly trees so dogs can’t climb or knock them over, and make sure the water in the stand is inaccessible to them. Also, we must keep sharp or breakable ornaments, tinsel or dreidels away from our pets.   

Try to not change your dog’s daily routine very much

Keep to regular mealtimes and take them for walks at the same times as always. Set aside a block of time every day just to be with your dog and play together or relax.

No fireworks for furry family members

Loud noises, especially fireworks, frighten or upset most pets. When a firework celebration begins, put dogs in a quiet and comfortable room. Toys and treats will help them focus on something else, too.

Make appropriate plans for your dog if you’re going to be traveling over the holidays

Some dogs find travel difficult and would rather stay in their own homes with a trusted friend, relative or neighbor to look after them. If you can’t find anyone with time to spare, hire a professional pet sitter for the days you’ll be away. If you’re taking your dog with you, make sure ahead of time that the people at your destination (whether it’s a private home or a hotel) are going to be okay with it, and take the usual travel precautions to ensure his comfort and safety.

Share these holiday tips with your relatives and friends and have a happy holiday season with your furry family members!


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