Why fall can be irresistible for dogs, and their owners

Why fall can be irresistible for dogs

Autumn is the favorite season of a big deal of people and their pets. It’s still warm, but you can feel a difference in the air. You can step outside without being suffocated from the heat and humidity and leaves start changing and falling.

Having a dog in the fall can be awesome and this season can be irresistible for them. There are some reasons why:

More and longer walks: There’s nothing worse than walking your dog when it’s 99 degrees with 90% humidity. Once the cool air arrives, you probably can’t stand staying indoors!  

Fall Sunsets: The sunsets in the fall are prettier. All of those colors, pink, purple, red, and orange come together in a way that can’t be copied in any other season.  

Leaves, a lot of leaves: There are plenty of leaf piles to lie in and play in, and there are also plenty of leaves to chase and to crunch.

Why fall can be irresistible for dogs

Beaches free of tourists: Some places get so crowded with tourists during the summer that no dogs are allowed on the public beaches. It usually changes after Labor Day, when the locals get to take back their beaches and enjoy them with their dogs while it’s not super-hot.

Better deals: Fall is considered a travel “off season,” so things like hotel and gas are cheaper and popular destinations are less crowded.

Seasonal treats: Our favorite thing about the holidays is the food – and the same goes for our dogs! With all the yummy aromas, your roaming canine will find a way to get their paws on the food. Make sure all delicious, but dangerous, treats are out of reach.

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