Trick-or-Treat! with your dog

Celebrating Halloween with your dog

Some people ask us if Halloween is such fun for them and their children, why their dogs wouldn’t enjoy going trick-or-treating too.

If your dog is a social butterfly with a history of being unfazed by new and strange things, then going trick-or-treating should be a walk in the park. However, if your dog is shy, afraid of new people, children, and strange noises, they will not enjoy being out on this night. Actually, the nicest way for them to spend the evening will be at home in a quiet room.

Since the kids will be going at full throttle, wearing weird outfits, making lots of noise, and running haphazardly while flailing their bags of candy, even a well-adjusted dog might be frightened by the excitement and chaos of a neighborhood on Halloween.

Celebrating Halloween with your dog

Therefore, we would like to share with you a few tips for keeping your dog safe if they join you on the trick-or-treating adventure:

  • Put reflective tags or a vest on your dog for visibility.  
  • Try a front-hook (no-pull) harness if he needs help walking on a loose leash.  
  • Do not allow anyone to give him candy, and be aware that there will be candy dropped on the ground. Ah! Remember chocolate is poisonous to them.
  • Bring baggies to clean up after him, just in case!
  • Be extra alert! There may be other dogs out, and kids in a candy frenzy do not look where they are going.  
  • Take along water and some dog treats for your pet, and reward them for being such a good dog.
  • If they seems unhappy, don’t force them to come along.  

How to take a dog trick or treating

Celebrating Halloween with your dog

  • If your dog is not well trained, avoid taking him trick-or-treating. He needs to be able to obey your commands instantly.
  • If you will be entering other people’s property, leave the dog at home or be prepared to tie him up at the gate each time.  
  • Keep in mind that children are likely to run up to your dog, so keep your dog on a leash at all times. 
  • Find or make a costume for your dog and get your dog used to wearing it before Halloween. 

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