Tips for caring for your dog this winter

Tips for caring for your dog this winter

For some people, cold weather is regarded as a mere nuisance; for others, it’s a fun time filled with winter joys. Whatever your position is, one thing remains the same for all of us with dogs: it’s a time when our beloved pets need a little extra care to ensure their comfort and health.

Winter sweaters

While dogs and cats have fur, they are warm-blooded and not immune to temperature changes. This means they can benefit from an extra layer for warmth. If your dog is small and short-haired, he’s likely sensitive to the cold. The same goes for older pets and those that may be ill.  

Walking over ice and snow

Just pay attention because paws do get cold and sharp objects may be hiding under the snow.

Pets’ dry skin

To help prevent and treat this condition, bathe them as seldom as possible and try using a pet-friendly moisturizing shampoo to help keep their skin healthy and pH-balanced. Human shampoos can cause dryness and itchiness. After going in the snow, be sure to dry your pet with towels or a hair dryer.  


Shorter walks

It’s important to keep dogs well exercised. However, when the weather is such a challenge, it’s a good idea to introduce more walks in a day, but for a shorter time. This way, your our pets will get their exercise without being exposed to the cold weather for long periods.  


It is recommended a quality nutrition rich in vitamin E, copper zinc and fatty acids that can promote healthy coats along with a range of other health benefits. Don’t forget water. Check outdoor water bowls to make sure they don’t freeze and think of serving your pet warm drinking water.


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