11 Christmas gifts for dogs and their owners


As many kids and adults, dogs enjoy tearing apart wrapping paper, so it sounds as a great idea to give your pet a Christmas gift that make happy both of you. Here are 11 gifts ideas for the next holiday season:

Futon dog bed. Try a micro-suede-and-fleece-lined bed, but also one machine washable.  

Paw secret agent leash: It has reflective fabric woven into the length of the leash for increased nighttime visibility and a quick-tether clip that lets you securely attach your four-legged travel companion to parking meters and parking signs.

Tuggo toys. An indestructible weighted ball toy that even the most destructive dog won’t be able to destroy. This toy has even been tested with lions and tigers.  

Winter coats. Keep your pets warm this holiday season with the best-fitting hybrid jackets: durable, warm, and designed for pups who love outdoors.  

11 Christmas gifts for dogs and their owners

Creative pet photography. It could be a portrait photo of your dog for you coffee table or a nice one shot to show in your Christmas greeting cards.

Tag tracker. Useful gadget for some dog lovers since the GPS collar clip and charger station lets you track how much exercise your dog is getting during a given day. You can also monitor their movements or where they are.

Dog car seat saver. It’ll keep your back seats mud, hair, and scratch free.

Chuckit launcher. If you visit any dog-friendly beach or park in the U.S., you’ll see at least one dog staring intently at the end of one of these launchers. You get a longer throw range and you save your shoulder.  

Tips for taking your dog to the beach

Travel water bottle: Whether we are hiking, camping, or just out for a quick run on the beach, we should bring some water for our pet, so a travel water bottle can be a good gift.  

Hear doggy. For those dogs who love plush squeaky toys, but whose owners can’t stand listening to the never-ending squeak. This is the perfect toy for them because they are tuned to an ultrasonic range frequency. Therefore, squeaker is out of human hearing range, but is loads of fun for your four-legged friend.

Wine for Your Dog Lover Host/Hostess.  Chateau La Paws is a unique wine that features adorable shelter dogs on every label. It is available nationwide and feature 28 additional North Shore Animal League America (NSALA) rescue dogs. The official national partnership with NSALA helps shelter dogs find a chateau of their own and support rescue adoption.

11 Christmas gifts for dogs and their owners


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