Things to do with your dog in autumn

Things To Do With Your Dog This Autumn

Autumn is here and also the common talk about what to do with our dogs during the colder months ahead.  Just because the temperature drops it does not mean we cannot amuse ourselves and our furry friends. We do not have to stay indoors because there are lots of things we can do with our pets.


It is a classic and also very healthy activity. We can try new locations, explore new neighborhoods, or even take our dog for a scenic hike. Your dog will love the new smells and you might find little gems that you never knew existed. We love going for a walk to Echo Lake Park (Mountainside, NJ) or South Mountain Reservation (Essex County, NJ)

Play dates

Interaction with other animals is very important to a dog’s psyche, and seeing a familiar pooch will make them happy and give them something outside their routine to enjoy.  

A day at the beach

As summer comes to an end, beaches open up to people and their dogs again. Fall is a lovely time to take a stroll along a windswept beach and there’s nothing our pets would like more than to stretch their legs running along a sandy beach. Do not forget to take enough fresh drinking water with you, even if the weather is cooler.

Tips for taking your dog to the beach

Fun runs

Find out if there are any fun runs that allow you to take you  dog with you scheduled to take place this autumn. It’s a great day out and one that your dog will enjoy as much as you. If your pet is not very well fit, pace yourself and keep things nice and steady so you will not tired them out too much.

Pumpkin picking and Halloween

Maybe our four legged friends are not interested in picking pumpkins, but they will for sure enjoy walking around the pumpkin patch. Just check with the owners to make sure it is okay, and keep your dog on his/her leash.

When Halloween comes, you and your pet can get into the holiday spirit by dressing up in costumes and hitting the streets for some trick-or-treating. But make sure your dog is comfortable in the costume. Keep candy, especially chocolate, away from your furry friend! Instead try adding a dollop of pumpkin to your dog’s food. Many dogs enjoy the taste of pumpkin.

A visit to the park

This is the perfect time for playing catch, tossing Frisbees or just letting your dog run wild for a bit (if you can find a contained dog park with good fencing).

Things To Do With Your Dog This Autumn

Yard work

Maybe it does not sound as fun, but if you have trees that drop their leaves, rake them into a pile and let your dog go wild. Make a boring chore fun.

Cozy up together

The cooler evenings are a great time to cuddle up together with a blanket and watch TV, read a book or just enjoy some quiet time together.

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