Tips for taking your dog to the beach

Tips for taking your dog to the beach

Along summer many of us are excited to bring our dogs to the beach! Whether your favorite beach is around east or west coast or by a lake, read on these tips before taking your dog to the beach.

  • Be sure you choose a dog-friendly beach spot.
  • Teach your dog to swim.
  • Look for fresh water and shade.
  • Try to find a calm water area far from long waves, boats, boards, or jet skis that could scare your dog.

  • Do you best to limit drinking salt water and encourage hydrating with fresh water.  

Tips for taking your dog to the beach

  • Think of using sunscreen made for pets because dogs can burn too. Focus on the ears and nose.   
  • Be mindful of over-exercising.
  • Keep a look out for broken glass, rocks, coral or garbage.  
  • Be sure you rinse off your dog’s coat to rid them of any sand, salt, and beach germs.

Other tips than can be useful

Don’t allow them to get too far away, so keep them close.

Even if your dog has an implanted identification microchip, make sure he is wearing easily readable ID tags on his collar.  

Dogs have keen vision, but it’s better in dim light than bright light, which can nearly blind them.

Tips for taking your dog to the beach

If your dogs is not used to ocean swimming, he should be introduced to waves on a calm day.

Check tide schedule before you go for a walk on the beach. It is especially important if you’re walking along cliffs or undercut dunes where you wouldn’t be able to escape an incoming tide.

Teach your dog to respond to hand signals. Walking on the beach is much more relaxing once your dog knows the signals to come, down, or go play.

Tips for taking your dog to the beach

To entice your dog to return to you more quickly, keep doggie snacks in your pocket.  

Leash your dog whenever you meet other people; never forget that some people have strong anti-dog attitudes.  

Train your dog not to jump up on people and to sit on command from a distance.  

The quicker your pet dries, the better. Keep some old towels in your car to scrub the coat well.  

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