Could my dogs have too many toys?

Could my dogs have too many toys?

Maybe you have asked yourself this question more than once: could my dog have too many toys? However, is there such a thing as too many toys for a pet?

We think than the most important thing is not how many toys they have, but how safe and appropriate they are and how we are using them.

Ideally, your dogs’ toys should keep their minds and bodies active and also strengthen the bond they have with you. If that’s the case, then your dogs can have as many toys as you want and can afford to buy.

How many toys should they have and where to keep them?

Could my dogs have too many toys?

Some people find that a toy box or other container is a good place to store their dog’s toys. Put a couple of toys out for your dog. After a couple of days, or if you notice your dog getting bored, put those toys away and bring out some different ones. By rotating your dog toys, your dog shouldn’t become bored with the same old toys.

If the toys wind up unplayed with and scattered on the floor, then yes, our dogs probably have too many toys because it is how your dogs’ toys should be working:

Most dogs love toys. Puppies, especially love to put toys and things in their mouths. Like people, dogs play less as they get older. But if encouraged, even older dogs will play.  

Often, dogs that have poor behavior have lots of energy and nothing to do. Toys can direct dogs to healthy behaviors.

It’s important to choose the right size toy for your dog. Don’t give your large dog a toy that is too small because he might swallow it. It should be large enough that it won’t get stuck in his throat.

Balls are good for playing fetch. They give your dog lots of exercise. Chasing after a ball keeps your dog moving and, remember, tired dogs are good dogs.

Could my dogs have too many toys?

Rope toys are fun for dogs. They are twisted and tough, and the ends are knotted with fringe. Puppies like to chew on them and most dogs will chase them. But watch out! Some rope toys have other things attached to them. Watch that your dog isn’t tearing and eating it. If it does come off, just pick it up and throw it away.

Many dogs love stuffed animals. Dogs can toss them, sleep with them, carry them, and chew on them. But be careful! Take the toy away once it becomes torn, and replace it.

Could my dogs have too many toys?

Most dogs also love squeaky toys, some of which will have squeakers inside. If your dog likes to rip dog toys up, make sure you take care of her/him so that she/he doesn’t have a chance to eat the squeaker.

It’s important to make sure the dog toys you buy are safe. Look for the words ‘non-toxic’ on the packaging of any toy you purchase, especially plastic ones.  

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